Silverpop - 4 Ways to Start Integrating Your Email and Social Marketing Efforts
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4 Ways to Start Integrating Your Email and Social Marketing Efforts

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by: Richard Austin (@biggestof)
28 October 2011

Integrating your email and social media initiatives can boost email revenue by as much as 400 percent according to industry studies, and the latest research continues to show that email and social can work together for the benefit of both.

So if, on average, a Facebook “fan” spends an additional $71.84 compared to a non-fan (Syncapse, “The Value of a Facebook Fan: An Empirical Review”), and a Facebook share equates to $14 in revenue; then how do you start making the two work together more effectively? Here are four ways to do so:

1) Utilise Email to Drive Social Media Footfall
Include “Follow us on ...” links in your emails to make recipients aware of your social presence and help direct traffic to them. Additionally, create specific email campaigns to promote social happenings, such as a new Facebook competition or a newly created group on LinkedIn, and use that to drive awareness and boost visits.

If Twitter is a part of your social media strategy, include your “@” or “#” tags as calls to action beneath appropriate content, enabling recipients to add their voice to the online discussion.

2) Leverage Social Media to Extend the Reach and Awareness of Your Emails
When you want the world to be aware of your latest offer, promotion or event, use that as an opportunity to encourage recipients to share that good news to their network by including a social-sharing call to action in your email and making this part of the main content.

Alternatively, use the “like” and “tweet” buttons to encourage recipients to declare their brand affiliation and encourage their friends and followers to follow suit and retweet or “like” the “like.”

3) Use Social Media as Part of an Acquisition Campaign
While email can be used to promote your social media presence, these social properties can, in turn, return the favour and drive the growth of your email database.

Highlighting your newsletters on your Facebook profile and YouTube channel or showing the subscription landing page URL on your Twitter page is an excellent way to direct fans and followers to your opt-in form and grow your database.

Second, leverage your marketing technology platform’s Web forms feature to create and host your opt-in form on Facebook.  Depending on your platform, your database will then be updated in real time every time a form is submitted, enabling you to send a triggered welcome email to engage your new contact immediately.

4) Use Peer Reviews and Content to Influence Purchase Decisions
For retailers, including star ratings and reviews from your website into your emails will help support purchase decisions; if you’re a B2B marketer, consider using case studies, quotes and analyst rankings in the same way.

A savvy way to raise website footfall and showcase the top-purchased products or most-searched destinations on your website is by including “Our Top 5 Products” or “Your Favourite Destinations” lists within your email. This can noticeably increase traffic to those pages on your site.

Finally, more specific user-generated content, such as pictures, videos and recommendations, can be used with great effect to provide more value to your email content. You’re probably already collecting most of this content via surveys, competitions, reviews or case studies, and your social interactions, so why not use it to raise advocacy levels, increase the value and relevancy of your content and influence purchase decisions?

When integrated in a well-though-out, strategic fashion, email and social can drive the performance of the other, influence key metrics and, most importantly, increase revenue.

So, where are you going to make a start?

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