Silverpop - Sophisticated Marketing Automation Closes the Loop and Boosts Marketing's Stature
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Sophisticated Marketing Automation Closes the Loop and Boosts Marketing's Stature

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
24 April 2009

Though we're in a recession, the pressure for B2B marketers to deliver more and better qualified leads to sales hasn't changed. And often, this process requires more than reevaluating and fine-tuning existing marketing strategies. Determining which leads are hot and have the budget to purchase your company's products and which may need more time for decision making requires a behavior-tracking asset outside of most people's purview.

Silverpop Engage B2B client, USA Financial, faced the same challenge as many other B2B companies: determining which of its leads were quality leads. Recently the company shared how it was able to implement our solution to score and nurture leads. Within a short time period, USA Financial's marketing department increased the number of leads sent to sales by 50 percent. In addition, implementing a sophisticated lead-management solution helped the company refine and maximize the roles and scope of its marketing and sales teams, leading to a more collaborative relationship between the two. To learn more about how USA Financial overcame the marketing challenges it faced, click here.


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