Silverpop - Silverpop's U.K. Customer Conference
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Silverpop's U.K. Customer Conference

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
29 September 2006

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to spend a day with a bunch of email fanatics. I'm pleased to report that the U.K. has more than its fair share of email fanatics (and visionaries). We put together a great agenda, and the audience seemed to be engaged throughout the day. We had some great speakers -- too many to mention them all. But I thought I'd highlight a few who stood out in my notes.

Analyst Nate Elliott of JupiterResearch kicked off the day with some great research and observations on the E.U. and U.K. email marketing landscape.

One of my favorite Brits, Dela Quist of Alchemy Worx, did his usual smashing job talking about email analytics and best practices (he's also spoken at our U.S. customer conference). A few of his more notable ideas:

  • Measuring "clicks per clicker" (total clicks / unique clicks) will tell you how relevant your content really is. If you're getting fewer than 1.5, Dela says you need to do some work.
  • If you are struggling to come up with creative newsletter content, consider lists. Dela says recipients love "The Top 5" type lists.
  • His research shows that the more you can stuff into an email subject line, the better your results will be -- even if some email programs cut part of it off.
The last speaker of the day was David Evans, the very humorous and highly-informed senior guidance and promotion manager for the U.K. Data Protection Office. He did a fantastic job of helping the audience understand what works and what doesn't under the U.K.'s Data Protection Act. Of particular note was his comment that we were all doing a good job -- apparently, complaints about email marketing are among the fewest number of calls they get. Email complaints even fall below fax marketing. Way to go U.K. email marketers!

P.S. I also had the privilege of previewing the results from our recently completed study on email creative. I believe this is the first study of its kind to use such a rigorous analytic method. Keep alert for a formal announcement coming soon.




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