Silverpop - Silverpop Joins Vendor Council for Marketing Automation Institute
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Silverpop Joins Vendor Council for Marketing Automation Institute

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
19 July 2011

Marketers today are facing many new challenges. Whether it’s building campaigns that provide customers and prospects with the right content at the right time, incorporating social media into marketing initiatives or engaging contacts with relevant dialogue across an ever-changing list of channels, these challenges can seem daunting. But armed with the proper knowledge, these changes also present exciting opportunities to create innovative marketing programs that generate greater revenue.

That’s why I’m happy to announce that Silverpop will be a charter member of the Vendor Council of the Marketing Automation Institute (MAI), a certification body and collaborative community for marketing automation professionals that offers educational and training opportunities ideal for those looking to improve their marketing campaigns and give their company a competitive edge.

Given today’s rapidly changing marketplace, with buyers move empowered than ever and sales cycles growing increasingly complex, the institute fills a growing need for an industry organization that can help marketers become skilled in marketing automation and lead management. And with marketers being held increasingly accountable for delivering measurable revenue impact, the need to be equipped with the latest techniques necessary to build a sustainable lead-management process is critical. (View our lead-management white papers.)

In the months ahead, we’ll be working in conjunction with MAI to support its objectives by providing guidance to the organization and offering leading product certifications on the Silverpop platform for our growing base of customers. We believe that the best way for marketers to achieve their goals is by combining cutting-edge marketing automation technology, a thorough knowledge of industry best practices and carefully thought-out strategy. Through our partnership with MAI, we look forward to helping marketers engage prospects and customers more strongly and drive new levels of revenue.

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