Silverpop - One of the Most Flattering Recognitions We’ve Received at Silverpop
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One of the Most Flattering Recognitions We’ve Received at Silverpop

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
29 September 2009

Many people think of Silverpop as a self-service marketing tools provider. And while most of our customers are self-service, we have a large number of high profile full-service clients as well. And, when we do work with clients on a full-service basis, we do it as well or better than anyone in the world.

I had the distinct honor last week of meeting the CEO of American Honda Motor Co., Tetsuo Iwamura, as he presented me and my colleagues at Silverpop with Honda's esteemed Premier Partner Award. From more than 1,000 eligible vendors, ranging from parts suppliers to firms that transport cars to dealers, Silverpop was recognized as one of the top partners for Honda here in the United States. And, it wasn’t until I attended the ceremony itself and saw a string of high-level execs, including the CEO himself, praise the work of Silverpop and a select set of other vendors, that I finally realized that their teams value Silverpop as much as our teams value Honda.

The heart of a truly great partnership is not measured solely by yesterday's deliverable or tomorrow's project plans, but also by the character and passion each party brings toward making the partnership successful. The marketing team at Honda has been tremendous to work with, and their support has been critical as we've worked together to evolve and grow the Honda email marketing programs over the years. Additionally, my deep gratitude goes to my colleagues at Silverpop who work with Honda, and to those who make the tools and services behind the scenes—you guys should take a short breather and pat each other on the back for a job well done.




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