Silverpop - Silverpop Masterclass 2009
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Silverpop Masterclass 2009

by: Riaz Kanani (@IBMforMarketing)
08 May 2009

Silverpop is hosting its 5th Annual Masterclass event next week for B2B and B2C marketers. The event is aimed at helping marketers boost results and prove their value to the bottom line, which is obviously important to us marketers in today's environment!

The day is split into two, with a focus on B2B in the morning followed by a more broader look at Engagement Marketing in the afternoon. You can see the agenda below and also see all the presentations from the event.

Silverpop Masterclass 2009 - B2B Engagement Marketing

9:30am Don't Let Leads Slip Through Your Fingers - Engagement Marketing and Lead Management
Will Schnabel, Silverpop

Engagement marketing has moved to the forefront of the B2B marketing vernacular,
and with it, the robust strategy of integrated lead management has finally come
of age. For the B2B sales and marketing world, it is no longer a luxury, but an
imperative, to be able to nurture and score leads until they are ready for
sales. In this presentation, we will discuss the newest findings in lead
generation and management, including:

- The newest strategies used in developing a modern lead-generation process
- The key components of a robust lead nurturing strategy
- Aligning sales and marketing to maximize the benefits of lead management efforts
- The newest innovations in marketing automation to support integrated lead management

10:45 am Panel Discussion: Crossing the Chasm: Best-in-Class Sales and Marketing Integration
Sally Hewitt, Pitney Bowes Stephanie Robotham,, Adrian James, Curious Group
Moderated by Joel Harrison, B2B Marketing Magazine

World-class demand generation and lead management now requires a much tighter
and higher level of integration between sales and marketing than ever before. Do
the efforts and costs involved with the alignment between these functions
pay-off in terms of increased efficiencies and improved revenues? Experts on
both sides of the divide discuss the benefits and pitfalls of incorporating a
lead-management integration program into your marketing efforts. Panellists will

- How to build the business case to initiative a sales and marketing integration program
- The best places to start in initiating a lead-management program for your organisation
- How you can measure the impact of lead management on sales effectiveness
- Key lessons learned from best-in-class companies that focus on performance through integration

11:30 am Measuring Up in the Downturn
Stuart Small, Industry Leader for B2B & Public Sector, Google
Insights from Google into how to drive leads using information available online to marketers.

Silverpop Masterclass 2009 - Engagement Marketing

2:00pm Six Steps to More Engaged Subscribers,
Loren McDonald, Silverpop

Understand the key to delivering unprecedented ROI and gain insights into
achieving this with engagement email marketing.

3:30pm Measuring Success with Social Marketing,
Tom Nixon, Nixon McInnes

Examining successful real world social marketing techniques and the metrics used
to understand success

4:15 pm Panel: Engagement Email Marketing Problems Solved.
Adrian James, Curious Group, Noorin Virani, Visit London, Alex Powell, STA Travel
Moderated by Riaz Kanani, Silverpop

Success stories and techniques from implementing advanced engagement marketing
techniques such as Shopping Basket Abandonment, "share to social" and Send-Time Optimisation.


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