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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
30 March 2011

I have just read with excitement about’s move to acquire Radian6, the leader in social media monitoring and engagement. As marketers have become increasingly aware, understanding social interactions and conversations is an important part of creating and delivering relevant communications to further engage both prospects and customers. By combining the public-facing social Web (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube and others) with the business-focused solutions of Salesforce, companies will have the ability to greatly enhance the way they track and execute customer communications and dialogue. Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff explains below:

“Our customers are asking us for a way to capture these conversations and tightly integrate them with products and services, and we believe that today’s announcement is going to do just that and more. And with the combination of Salesforce and Radian6, companies are going to be able to bring the heart of the public social Web directly into their business. You’re going to see, as I’ve mentioned, for these sales and service cloud customers that we have the ability for us to quickly extend the value of their deployments by providing this actionable social intelligence. And we’ve seen it with our customers already where they’re receiving these feeds from Radian6 and they want to immediately act on them right inside our offerings.”

What is also greatly exciting, from a marketer’s perspective, is the possibility of extending these conversations into the marketing cloud, through tightly integrated AppExchange solutions such as Silverpop’s Engage platform. On the inbound side, knowing where key influencers reside and where new leads are consuming business content can help marketers better focus their efforts and dollars. And using insights from these conversations can further enhance a marketer’s ability to trigger targeted communications, allowing the conversation to move seamlessly from inbound to outbound channels.

At the same time, these insights can be used to define a lead’s relative worth, or lead score. All these activities can greatly enhance the lead-nurturing activities that can drive further-qualified leads for sales. Similar approaches can be used for customer marketing, by ensuring that recent conversations with an account or contact can be integrated into ongoing relationship-building communications, similar to real-time product reviews and ratings in the consumer world.

As both a Radian6 and Salesforce customer, we are eager to identify these and other combined solutions to the benefit of our marketing partners and customers.


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