Silverpop - Why Sales Calls Are Key to Marketing Success
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Why Sales Calls Are Key to Marketing Success

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by: Ellen Valentine (@EllenValentine)
24 January 2013

With all the marketing data available today — behavioral data, profile data, Web form data, third-party research data and more — it may be tempting to think you can complete all your marketing tasks from the comfort of your office (or, better yet, your laptop or tablet while relaxing at home.)

But even in a world in which marketing automation and a rich persistent master database can help you deliver more personal, relevant communications than ever, it’s a good idea to periodically look beyond spreadsheets, lists and queries.

For example, conducting focus groups might help you identify product improvement opportunities or spot an uncovered need. Conversing with sales reps can provide insights on what they need on the website or what PDF documents could help them move through the sales cycle. And attending marketing conferences or training can provoke new ideas.

All of these methods can help you architect strategy, determine tactics and prioritize resources. But if you want to raise your success level even higher, I suggest you take a more radical step – go on sales calls.

Sales calls give you a filter-free lens into the hearts and minds of your potential buyers. By going to a variety of in-person, face-to-face meetings, you’ll see and hear first-hand the pressures your buyers are facing, the opportunities that they are wanting to pursue, and how and why they might be willing to consider your solution.

You’ll also be able to observe your sales teams, how they are answering your customer or prospect’s questions, how they are overcoming objections, and if and how they are using marketing content to communicate your value proposition and explain why you have a great product and/or services.

You might come out of sales calls with a whole bunch of ideas for new products, services packages and enhancements. You may be able to better brainstorm new marketing content ideas and come away energized on how you can help your sales force be more effective. But more than anything, you’ll have more empathy for the pressures that your prospective customers face. You can use this empathy as fuel to power you and your company to achieving fantastic success.

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