Silverpop - ReturnPath Introduces New RoadRunner Feedback Loop
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ReturnPath Introduces New RoadRunner Feedback Loop

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by: Robert Consoli (@IBMforMarketing)
01 April 2009

RoadRunner announced on March 16, 2009, that its new feedback loop offering is now in place. ReturnPath, which powers the feedback loops for other major ISPs such as Comcast and Cox, announced that it will be running the new RoadRunner feedback loop service for RoadRunner. Silverpop is now set up with this service on all RoadRunner domains for all our clients' IP addresses.

For engagement marketers, feedback loops provide valuable information about email sends. What's a feedback loop? As the name suggests, it's feedback from an ISP, which forwards complaints originating from its users—usually in the form of them hitting the spam button. For marketers, there are two primary benefits: They can remove subscribers that don't want to receive similar messages, and they can analyze the complaint rate and tweak their campaigns accordingly.

The RoadRunner feedback loop service change was requested and implemented on March 16, 2009. It should not have any effect on Silverpop clients, nor did we see a disruption in service.


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