Silverpop - The 4 Reasons I Decided to Go for Gold by Joining Silverpop
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The 4 Reasons I Decided to Go for Gold by Joining Silverpop

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by: Todd McCormick (@TMcCormick2011)
19 October 2012

If there’s one thing I’ve learned during my career, it’s that companies win when they invest in the individual. That’s what I say when people ask me why I joined Silverpop as SVP of Sales last month.

I saw this at CareerBuilder, where our customers won when they attracted and developed top talent. I also saw this at PGi, where clients reported astronomical returns simply because they got face-to-face with people virtually. Similarly, my sales team experienced a 40 percent increase in conversion rates after we turned on a webcam — because it allowed us to respond better to buyers’ needs and provide a more seamless customer experience.

The fact is, how effectively a company communicates to individuals says a lot about its likelihood to succeed. Consumers are accustomed to being advised which new books and movies they might enjoy, based on past preferences — and accessing songs, video clips and restaurant recommendations in an instant. B2B buyers are no different.

Traditionally, many companies used mass email marketing to communicate with customers. Then, they added a bit of segmentation, which added some relevancy. But you can’t message to each individual through segmentation, no matter how ways you’ve sliced and diced your database. That’s why many marketers have been sending content that’s only relevant to 2 or 3 percent of their customers.

But today it’s possible for marketers to use automation so that an individual’s behaviors influence the marketing campaigns and content that person receives, which can increase conversions exponentially.

This leads me to the top four reasons why I joined Silverpop:

1) Winning marketers personalize and evangelize
The average buyer is influenced by more than seven sources during the decision-making process, according to a 2011 Forrester report. And studies show that buyers learn 50 percent more on their own about your company than via what you (or a salesperson) communicate to them directly.

Combine these statistics with consumers’ growing expectations for increased personalization, and it’s clear that a leading indicator for how well a sales team performs — and how fast a company grows — is how effectively a marketing team can dynamically personalize its campaigns based on unique buying behaviors and preferences in real time, across multiple channels.

Of course, this description perfectly matches Silverpop’s offering, so I’m excited to evangelize it, because these are trends I see happening and changes I know companies must make in order to stay relevant. I’m also confident of the results Silverpop’s robust marketing automation platform will deliver to my team. For example, we’ll be able to drop contacts into nurture programs ourselves and have more effective conversations with prospects because we have visibility into their behaviors, including site visits, downloads, link clicks, form submissions, video plays and more.

2) Silverpop’s rapid growth curve
Silverpop’s dramatic growth is in part due to our cutting-edge suite of marketing technology, thought leadership, and stellar service and support. It’s also due to our relationships with leading Web analytics providers, strategic consulting partners, and data and deliverability providers. They help us meet and exceed the diverse requirements of today's online marketers.

3) Visionary leadership and investment team
I’m honored to belong to Silverpop's leadership team, which consists of successful entrepreneurs and seasoned managers with deep expertise in their fields. Likewise, the Silverpop Board of Directors is an exceptional group of individuals with a wealth of experience, insight and vision.

Silverpop has also received capital funding from industry-leading technology venture capital firms, which has empowered us to make strategic investments. For example, we recently acquired CoreMotives, a marketing automation solution that operates completely within Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Together, we’ll bring unprecedented scale, unique expertise and a market-defining vision to the more than 2 million Microsoft Dynamics CRM users worldwide.

4) Proven returns on relationship
You can learn a lot about a company’s future value in the marketplace from the value it’s helped its customers create. Clients come to Silverpop because they want a company that will help them connect deeply with customers and tap into email’s unrivaled potential for cultivating customer relationships while achieving high ROI. Our software increases your efficiency, while our innovative features help you drive more conversions with less effort.

Up until this point, there’s been no clear leader in the email marketing and marketing automation space. And ultimately, that’s why I joined — because Silverpop is the only marketing technology provider that blends a highly advanced email marketing solution with marketing automation, a combination that’s enabled our customers to be on the forefront of the shift toward behavioral marketing.

There’s incredible power in personalization based on customer and prospect behaviors, and the ironic thing is, it’s something that can be automated.

Please contact me if you want to find out how to get more from every relationship.


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