Silverpop - Real Time-to-Value Important for Marketing Automation Solutions
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Real Time-to-Value Important for Marketing Automation Solutions

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
30 March 2009

B2B marketers and their CFOs have always paid great attention to ROI metrics. They know precisely the amount of money they have invested in a solution or service and they evaluate the success or failure by the level of profit and/or savings. But what about the time it takes for a company to see value from a new software solution? Often, time-to-value is the overlooked metrical complement to ROI. Time-to-value addresses the need for real results soon after an implementation, especially with tight budgets and highly scrutinized investments.

Recently, Silverpop Engage B2B client WorkForce Software shared with us how they were able to get up and running in just 60 days, from initial training through to delivering measurable results for their organization. In just two months, WorkForce Software was able to completely re-engineer its lead-qualification process to ensure that incoming leads were providing valuable opportunities to sales. Adding lead generation best practices to its marketing efforts also helped increase the number of inbound requests through its Web site by more than 400 percent, proving Engage B2B's time-to-value in delivering dramitic ROI. To learn more about WorkForce Software, click here.





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