Silverpop - Optimize Your Company LinkedIn Page: Tips for Bringing in Leads
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Optimize Your Company LinkedIn Page: Tips for Bringing in Leads

by: Bryan Brown (@getvision)
06 April 2012

Ever wonder why LinkedIn is often overshadowed by Facebook and Twitter? True, it doesn’t have the 800 million users of Facebook or even the 200-plus million of Twitter. But think about it: Your audience on LinkedIn probably has more business-savvy folks than, say, the “Beliebers” you might see on Twitter. And LinkedIn allows direct interaction with these potential customers in a way that other channels don’t.

In fact, LinkedIn company pages can be an excellent social channel for B2B marketers if you take certain steps to ensure you’re optimizing your company’s page to its full potential.

The numbers, while not at the Facebook level, are impressive: As of February 2012, there were more than 150 million active LinkedIn users, more than 2 million LinkedIn Company Pages and more than 1 million LinkedIn Groups. Professionals actively research and discuss their respective industries on the social network, making it a terrific outlet to introduce your brand to prospective customers while keeping current ones updated and educated.

According to a recent study from InsideView, 47 percent of B2B companies are already using LinkedIn. So, how do you get an edge on your competitors?  First and foremost, you’ll need an awesome company profile. This brand page is the first thing someone sees when looking at your company on Linkedin, and first impressions are everything.

Here are five tips to help build the perfect LinkedIn Company brand page.

1) Have a strong Overview

This is the “front page” of your company profile and what page visitors see first, so make the most out of your company description. Provide a strong paragraph explaining your business offering—and keep in mind only the top portion is visible at first. It’s also a good idea to tease your Products Tab—this is where you will be able to generate leads for your company.

Don’t forget to list your specialties as well. For example, we include “Email Marketing, Lead Management, Multichannel Marketing Solutions and Marketing Automation,” letting potential customers know exactly what we do and what we offer.

2) Highlight your products and services

The Products tab is where you can turn browsing visitors into leads. Include a strong description, detailing what your company offers. You also have the opportunity to add a little visual flavor to your page with three banners of your choosing. We currently display our demo and videos for two product features. Only the demo is behind a registration form – sometimes it’s best to give away content for “free” on social. Long forms on social channels can sometimes turn away prospects who want to learn more about your company.

Recommendations are also housed on the Products tab. Users who have experience with your product will have the ability to review and recommend, which can go a long way in the eyes of potential customers while at the same time creating searchable and attractive content. It’s easy to ask your best customers to recommend your products or services through the LinkedIn “Request Recommendations” feature. When a user recommends your product or service on LinkedIn, their network connections are immediately notified—keeping people buzzing about your brand.

3) Update your Status frequently

Don’t forget to update your status. Remember, LinkedIn users are exactly the audience you want to be reaching. Updates can include buzzworthy topics that simply incite conversation, or they can be lead generation posts about events, webinars or links to new pieces of content. Jonathan Lister, LinkedIn’s VP of North American sales for marketing solutions recently said, “We’re seeing some of our highest engagement rates across the board on status updates to members.”

Each like, comment or share your post receives exposes your content to a new audience. So, update well and update often!

4) Include recent blog posts

The more quality content your profile has the better.  Create a “Recent Blog Posts” section—LinkedIn allows page administrators to sync a company’s blog to its LinkedIn page. Providing recent blog posts allows visitors to view more of your company’s personality, offerings and thought leadership. Additionally, it will drive extra traffic to your website.

5) Remember to optimize the “Careers” section

A Careers tab is a great opportunity to liven up your page and add a wealth of content that can attract users—you never know who is looking at your profile. A very qualified job candidate could be browsing your page and find a position that would be suited to them. Include employee testimonials, contacts for HR and recruiters and if appropriate, list your employee benefits. Be creative—it’s a great place to distinguish your corporate page from others and really convey your company’s personality.

Need a great example to help you start building your company’s LinkedIn page? Check out Silverpop’s and get building!




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