Silverpop - Online Ad Spending Stat Yields Surprises
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Online Ad Spending Stat Yields Surprises

by: Admin (@)
15 August 2008

I saw this recent stat from global market intelligence firm IDC and two things stood out. First, I’m frankly shocked at how low online is as a percentage of total ad spend in this research. I’d love to see this stat repeated according to number of impressions, because my “impression” is that online is much more prevalent than this in terms of mindshare. Best guess is that it is the price disparity between online and offline media driving the percentage, not the underlying share of voice.

The second thing that stood out was the country line-up. First of all, the Europeans are making the switch to online much faster than I would have thought. Good for them! And as for Japan, while on the surface it makes sense that they would adopt electronic so quickly, knowing what I do about their buying habits and how big a role “the personal touch” plays in commerce in that region, I find it unusual that Japan would rank so high.





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