Silverpop - Nearly One-third of U.K. Retailers Break Email Privacy Laws
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Nearly One-third of U.K. Retailers Break Email Privacy Laws

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
19 April 2007

More than three years after it became law in the U.K., nearly a third of retailers still don't comply with the EU Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications, U.K. direct marketing firm CDMS has found.

The Europe-wide legislation, which governs email communications with private individuals, forbids companies from sending email marketing messages to recipients who have not explicitly opted in to receive them. It clearly spells out that offering someone the opportunity to opt out of receiving unsolicited messages (or pre-checking opt-in boxes) does not comply with the directive.

Repeating a similar study conducted in 2005, the CDMS examined the opt-in practices of 200 companies across 12 big consumer business sectors. It found that just 69 percent—only 3 percent more than last time—are complying with the legislation.

Although this increase is a positive step, it also means a significant percentage of U.K. companies are still putting their carefully built brands at risk. To have a successful email program you need permission. It's not only a matter of consideration; it is now also legally regulated.

To ward off potential future legal and public-relations woes, the CDMS urges non-compliant companies to begin implementing solid permission practices and focusing on recipient concerns over spam and privacy. You can read the article here.




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