Silverpop - Top 5 Most Popular Silverpop Slideshare Presentations of 2011
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Top 5 Most Popular Silverpop Slideshare Presentations of 2011

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by: Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald)
13 January 2012

From email marketing to marketing automation to social media, Silverpop posted more than 20 presentations on Slideshare in 2011, which in turn tallied more than 60,000 page views. Here’s a look at our top 5 most popular Slideshare presentations of 2011, ranked by total views:

5) “Engagement Marketing: Modern B2B Marketing Using B2B Marketing Automation
Will Schnabel, Silverpop’s Senior Vice President of International Business Development, outlines why and how B2B marketers must shift their focus from raw leads to managing buyer dialogue, using marketing automation to nurture sales-ready relationships and improve revenues.

4) “Email Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2011
From Screensize-apalooza to email becoming more social and sophisticated, this preso runs down the key email marketing trends of 2011 – almost all of which continue to resonate strongly in 2012 – and how companies need to adjust, from getting more “mocial” to leveraging user-generated content.

3) “7 Trends to Watch in 2012—and Key Tactics You’ll Need to Address Them
For this presentation, I teamed with Silverpop Vice President of Product Marketing Laurie Hood to examine some of the most important marketing trends of 2012, including location-based marketing’s growing popularity, behavioral segmentation’s increasing sophistication and remarketing’s coming of age.

7 Digital Marketing Trends for 2012
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2) “Email Practices of the Top Online Retailers
Highlighting findings from our Top 500 Retailers Study, which examines benchmarks, trends and tactics of the biggest retailers, this slideshow offers related tips and examples for better marketing. Areas covered include use of welcome emails, cart abandonment campaigns, use of social-sharing links and much more.

1) “Getting Personal: ‘Humanizing’ Content to Connect with Customers
Want to better connect with customers, increase relevance and engagement and drive revenue? It’s time to get personal. Here, Richard Evans, Silverpop’s director of marketing for EMEA, shows how humanizing content can increase engagement, presenting key tactics and related case studies.

Looking for more presentations packed chock full of marketing tips and insights? Check out Silverpop’s Slideshare page.


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