Silverpop - Top 10 Most Popular Silverpop Blogs of 2011
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Top 10 Most Popular Silverpop Blogs of 2011

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by: Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald)
28 December 2011

This year the Silverpop team posted more than 100 blog entries covering a range of email marketing, social media, lead management, mobile and marketing automation topics. As the year winds down, we count down our Top 10 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2011 (based on page views):

10. “Are You Making the Most of Reporting Tools? 5 Questions to Ask
Time constraints, budgetary limitations and overwhelming masses of data can cause even the heartiest of marketers to hesitate before delving into online marketing reports. Here, Silverpop Director of Product Strategy Bryan Brown provides a guide for avoiding the dreaded “paralysis from analysis” syndrome and making the most of your reporting and analytics tools.

9. “3 Variations on Resending Emails to Non-Openers
Is resending a message to recipients who didn’t open it the first time a smart way to turbocharge results, or a bad idea that can sour your subscribers on your email program in a hurry? Stephen Guerra, Silverpop’s manager of strategy consulting, breaks down how and when you might consider implementing this controversial tactic.

8. “Progressive Profiling: The Key to Collecting Data Without Weirding People Out
You’d probably feel a little uncomfortable if someone asked your entire personal history within 30 seconds of meeting you, yet some companies take essentially the same approach when they ask people to fill out lengthy forms. In this blog post, Bryan outlines how progressive profiling provides a better way to gradually gather data as you build a relationship with a prospect or customer.

7. “4 Ways to Work Check-ins into Your Marketing Mix
With Foursquare adding a million customers a month and more people than ever checking in at retail locations and business events, many marketers are wondering how they can use location-based check-ins to deliver relevant messages based on where customers and prospects are at that exact moment. In this article, I outline four ways our clients have found success with check-in programs.

6. “Infographic: Integrating Marketing Programs Across Social, Mobile and Email Channels
2011 was certainly the year of “mocial,” with an increasing convergence of mobile, social, local and email that forced marketers to change the way they interact with customers and prospects in order to be successful. Here, we present an illustrated look at how companies are tackling multichannel marketing today, with a few suggested tactics mixed in.

5. “Holiday Marketing Quick Tip: Leverage Facebook to Grow Your Email Database
Despite the proliferation of corporate Facebook pages, our research indicates that only about 10 percent of companies are using Facebook to drive email opt-ins. In this entry in my holiday marketing tips series, I outline five tips to help you grow your database throughout the year using Facebook’s unique properties.

4. “Infographic: 2011 Black Friday Check-ins
With check-ins becoming a bigger part of the Black Friday shopping experience than ever, Segment Marketing Director Adam Steinberg and Graphic Design Manager John Yardley teamed up to present a visual look at 2011 Black Friday check-ins. You’ll find top retailer rankings, cities with the most check-ins, most common words Tweeted and more.

3. “Email Marketing 'Best' Practices: A Modern Framework
After my Google+ post on whether email best practices are dead inspired a strong response, I decided to take a crack at developing a “Modern Best Practices Framework,” a map of five types of email practices and some examples and observations for each category. Take a look and let me know what you think.

2. “Make Coupons Work Better in Your Email Program
With the success of local coupons via daily deal sites and the potential offered by mobile coupons, many marketers have been thinking about adding or revamping a coupon program in their email marketing efforts. In this post, Jonathan Treiber, co-founder and CEO of Silverpop partner RevTrax, shares some email coupon best practices to help you realize the greatest success from your coupon program.

1. “STO Revisited: What We’ve Learned About the Best Time to Send Email
When is the best time to send email? Despite evidence that the answer varies by individual recipient, many marketers still obsess over whether to send on Tuesdays at 9 a.m., Thursdays at 3 p.m. or Saturdays at midnight. In our most popular blog post of 2011, we reveal what we’ve uncovered on the topic since we launched our groundbreaking Send Time Optimization feature two years ago.


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