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Top 10 Most Popular Silverpop Blogs of 2012

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by: Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald)
15 January 2013

In 2012 we posted more than 150 blog entries reflecting the hottest topics in the digital marketing world, from mobile to social to behavioral marketing and beyond. As you begin moving ahead with your marketing plans for 2013, make sure to check out our most popular 2012 blogs (based on page views) for ideas and tips to help make your ambitions for the year ahead a reality:

1) “Subject Line Testing: Tips for Getting It Right
We at Silverpop often hear email subject line questions such as, “What variables should I test to maximize conversions?” and “What’s the sample size needed for subject line testing?” In this post, I outline 11 best practices to help you optimize your subject lines.

2) “Your Blueprint for Building a Birthday Email Program
A well-designed birthday email program has the potential to generate high ROI on a relatively low level of effort. Birthday emails also give you another opportunity to reach out to your customers with a highly relevant message. If you’re interested in getting started with a birthday program — or fine tuning your existing one —these seven tips can help.

3) “Moving Toward a Mobile-First Strategy for Email
Given the rise in mobile email viewing, it’s more important than ever that your email looks good on a smartphone, tablet or high-end feature phone as well as a desktop or laptop computer. In this blog, I offer ideas for rethinking design with mobile in mind and streamlining your conversion activity en route to a multiscreen email strategy.

4) “Behavioral Marketing: What It Is and Why It’s So Exciting
Combining an individual’s behaviors with marketing automation opens up a whole new realm for marketers. Here, Silverpop Director of Product Strategy Bryan Brown outlines exactly what behavioral marketing is and how it enables you to send real-time, cross-channel, incredibly relevant campaigns to one person at a time.

5) “Social Media Trends in 2013: What You Need to Know
Wondering where you should focus your social efforts? Surprisingly, you may want to look beyond social networks as part of your social strategy for 2013. Here, Brown looks at four key channels social is impacting today and offers some quick starter ideas for how you might approach them to enable a more relevant customer experience.

6) “Infographic: Using Mocial Channels to Grow Your Database
With the proliferation of smartphones, the ever-increasing popularity of social media and the explosion of check-ins, companies have exciting new opportunities to connect with customers. Yet many businesses aren’t taking full advantage. Here’s a graphical look at how you can use the key mobile, local and social channels right now to build your database.

7) “How to Set Up a Site Retargeting Campaign: 5 Easy Steps
Are you retargeting? If not, you’re missing out on a chance to re-engage all the people who visit your website but fail to take a desired action. Check out these five tips on retargeting via online ads, then download our white paper on using triggered emails to recover lost opportunities stemming from abandoned shopping carts, download forms, digital tools, browsing sessions and more.

8) “Infographic: Social Network Growth
For marketers, it can be challenging to make sense of the social media chaos. With that in mind, Silverpop performed research to help shed light on how 20 leading social networks have grown in the last 10 years. From Facebook to Friendster, Twitter to Tumblr and Path to Pinterest, this infographic from Graphic Design Manager John Yardley provides an illustrated look at the social media landscape.

9) “Click-to-Open Rate: Are You Using This Gem of a Metric?
One of my favorite metrics is the click-to-open-rate (CTOR), also known as the “effective rate.” It measures how effectively the content, design and offers in your message are driving recipient clicks. In this post, I reveal some findings from our email metrics benchmark study and offer six suggestions for how you can use CTOR to help optimize your emails.

10) “Behavioral Marketing Automation Tips: How to Set Up Behavior-Driven Business Rules and Campaigns
In this post, complete with sample screen shots and program flows, Brown gets “into the weeds” and walks through a real-world scenario for how a marketer might use behavioral marketing — along with dynamic content driven by preferences and demographics — to boost content relevance and exponentially greater levels of engagement and ROI.

For more digital marketing strategies and best practices, check out Silverpop’s white papers, Webinars and video tips.


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