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More than Meets the Marketers Eye

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
06 March 2007

Do you ever get stuck in stealth mode?  Plugging away at your deliverables and forgetting about the big marketing picture?  I have to admit that I’m guilty.  But over the past week I was forced to put on the brakes and cruise at altitude.  It may sound like I was on vacation in Mexico (that was 2 weeks ago), but I was actually on hiatus in my cubicle - hiatus from my normal day to day tasks.

Presented with a several challenges faced by marketers, I was tasked with resolving the issues – without additional resources, budget or even an intern.  The cool thing is I had the answer at my fingertips – Vtrenz iMarketing Automation.  Yes, I’ve used our product to develop automated campaigns, score and route leads and track the success of our efforts.  But this week I had a revelation – the marketing possibilities are virtually endless with iMarketing Automation.  Within a week the original challenges presented to me were solved and my brain was humming with additional ideas on how to solve common marketing ailments all with one product. 

As a marketer who markets marketing software, you’d think I have it all figured out.  But much to my chagrin, many answers elude me. There’s always innovation waiting on the horizon whether it’s ground-breaking or revenue producing.  Once in awhile instead of getting on the same 747 jumbo jet, marketers need to board the ‘Inspiration’ train.  You’d be surprised what you can come up with.




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