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Metrics Matter More These Days

by: Admin (@)
25 September 2008

A report just published by JupiterResearch found that measurement is the top challenge for online advertisers, and the top agency differentiator for advertisers looking for an agency.

Savvy marketers realize that you can only achieve solid improvement on campaign elements that you actually take the time to measure. Demonstrating returns on investment—that’s what it is all about for marketers everywhere these days as the global economy continues to tighten. Email marketers have the upper hand here.

The great thing about email marketing is its ability to be evaluated quickly and effectively. If you're not evaluating past campaign performance, you’re missing out on key insights that can improve results. You can evaluate a campaign in real-time, demonstrating exactly what is working and what is not, and then easily make adjustments as needed. That’s a very powerful and convincing point to be able to make to the CFO seeking to slash costs.

An example of a good metric to monitor is click action. Email marketers can use the kind of robust reporting capabilities available with top email marketing solutions to track link activity and determine which links get the most clicks and which under-perform.. As a result, you can reduce the number of links in emails to avoid confusing subscribers and focus on the links that provide value to recipients and drive conversions.

There's a wealth of customer data in your email reports. Use it to create campaigns that produce huge results and show the boss exactly what kind of returns you're getting.




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