Silverpop - Measuring Social Media in B2B, Part 2
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Measuring Social Media in B2B, Part 2

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by: Eric Holmen (@eholmen)
12 December 2011

Can you make money with social media in B2B marketing? In last week’s post I talked about creating a ”social mosh pit” and serving up “content snacks” at our Agent ROI events—and how 583 tweets from the Atlanta event turned into 861,620 social impressions engaging 109,752 followers. This week, it’s all about the money.

There’s a general belief that social media is purely influential and that buzz is simply buzz and not revenue. Although that may sometimes be the case, there are many exceptions. At Silverpop, we’re generating revenue and new customers from social media with increasing frequency.

The most important step in turning social media into revenue—and one that’s regularly overlooked—is tracking it. Of course your buzz is simply buzz if you don’t track it. It doesn’t matter if you use Radian6, Silverpop Engage or simply ask your new customers about how they came to know you—if you don’t track it, you won’t be able to attribute revenue to your social media tactics. At Silverpop, we track it six ways to Sunday, and we’re finding new ways all the time to improve our tracking and sharing.

Here’s a great story of a new customer. At our May 2011 customer conference, we featured a number of amazing speakers, including Gary Vaynerchuk (@garyvee). A fan of Gary’s was watching his Twitter feed, and when Gary tweeted that he would be in Atlanta at Silverpop’s customer conference, this fan figured out how to attend. His purpose was clear—to hear Mr. Vaynerchuk’s interesting stories and marketing wisdom. But while this fan was there, he was exposed to Silverpop’s technology, teams and other customers, and within weeks his company had purchased Silverpop Engage.

As is typical in the modern marketplace, there were multiple channels and touch points involved in moving this event attendee from prospect to customer. In this case we relied not just on social media but also securing relevant content/speaking talent, creating an event experience that showcased Silverpop, our customer base’s enthusiasm and more. But without social media, Silverpop would have one less customer.

This is one of many stories of social marketing driving our business every day. If you’re interested in turning your email programs into marketing automation and social media results, send me an email or contact us.


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