Silverpop - Measuring Social Media in B2B, Part 1
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Measuring Social Media in B2B, Part 1

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by: Eric Holmen (@eholmen)
07 December 2011

How do I reach a million people with social media, this afternoon?

That’s a question many marketers are asking right now. And with that in mind, I thought I’d share two things we’ve done recently in relation to our popular “Agent ROI” road show workshop—a conference of B2B and B2C marketing experts traveling the country—which increased our message reach exponentially.

At a recent Agent ROI stop in our hometown of Atlanta, about 200 people showed up at the Intercontinental in Buckhead to join the conversation about bringing the future of digital marketing to today’s marketing team. Looking to generate some discussion, more strongly engage attendees and spread the word, we employed two tactics:

We tweeted up the Atlanta event well in advance and continued doing so throughout the conference, during which we periodically awarded audience members who joined the Twitosphere dialogue. I loved the back-and-forth dynamics of these social conversations—sometimes they were all about mocial, sometimes B2B marketing automation and other times retail marketing automation. I think of social media marketing as a virtual marketing mosh pit with ideas slamming into other ideas, creating a social beat the crowd can’t resist jumping to in rhythm and time.

To help ensure that the beat reverberated beyond the room, Silverpop served up some tasty idea starters, and by the end of the one-day event, we had 583 tweets to the #spoptour hashtag. Most of these tweets were brilliant, a reflection of the incredibly smart people who attend Agent ROI, and had great share-ability. We call them content snacks—easy to snack on and share with friends. Best of all, the 583 tweets took on a new life, being shared to a total audience of 109,752 followers and creating an amazing 861,620 impressions. That’s incredible—200 people reaching nearly 1 million people with content snacks.

Looking back, there were four key factors that contributed to the social success of this event:

  1. The content and speakers of Agent ROI are impressive, including The Annuitas Group’s Jay Hidalgo (@jayhidalgo), Hanson Dodge Creative’s Sara Meaney (@sarameaney) and SiriusDecisions’ Megan Heuer (@megheuer) —so the content was interesting enough to want to share.
  2. The attendees are smart and ambitious marketers, and we asked them and rewarded them for engaging in the dialogue.
  3. We made it easy to share content snacks by providing simple idea starters.
  4. During breaks, we reminded people to socialize their experience.

I know what you’re thinking: Did our social initiatives result in business? In this case, I regard the volume of tweeting as “air cover” that generates additional audience awareness and interest—which often leads to sales. In next week’s post, I’ll talk more about tweets that turned into revenue. If you’re interested in turning your email programs into marketing automation and social media results, send me an email or contact us.


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