Silverpop - 7 Marketing Tips from Our Partners at Amplify 2012
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7 Marketing Tips from Our Partners at Amplify 2012

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by: Heather Simerly (@IBMforMarketing)
12 June 2012

At this year’s Amplify 2012 customer conference, we not only had our biggest client attendance to date, but also had our strongest partner participation ever, with 15 partners presenting and/or sponsoring the event. Here are seven of the best digital marketing tips our fabulous partners shared at Amplify 2012:

1) Resend select emails to non-openers. (AcquireB2B)
As a virtually free way to get more click-throughs and form completions, wait a week or two, then resend a winning email to the contacts that didn’t open – this time using a different subject line.


2) Send more triggered emails. (Adobe)
According to Forrester, behaviorally targeted messages deliver 32x the ROI versus “spray and pray” emails. Another advantage: Triggered emails can be set up to go out automatically upon an online "behavior," eliminating manual intervention and enabling behavioral emails to scale. (See how Silverpop and Adobe helped DEMCO increase conversion rates 400 percent.)


3) Use customer data modeling to optimize the targeting, relevancy and timing of your emails. (Agilone)
Leverage all your customer touch point data in an automated way to boost engagement. Start by clustering your customers into groups to ensure they receive more targeted campaigns, then ensure campaign details are most relevant within those clusters to reduce unsubscribes. Remember to ensure these campaigns are sent in the timeliest manner to increase reactivation and customer lifetime value.  (Read Agilone’s Silverpop blog on optimization, smart data and multichannel marketing.)


4) Give your marketing database a quality makeover for better-performing campaigns. (NetProspex)
Research shows that 25 percent of a given B2B marketing database contains critical errors, as business contact information degrades at a rate of 2 percent per month. Prepare your marketing database for growth by identifying and removing bad data, filling in missing fields, combining duplicates, and removing poorly targeted records. (Read NetProspex’s Silverpop blog on five tips for cleaning your database.)


5) Think about email as a tool to drive conversion across all sales channels. (RevTrax)
Email is a high-impact and cost-effective method for distributing promotions, viral and one-to-one, that provide promotional marketers with high ROI from their email programs. (Read RevTrax’s Silverpop blog on making coupons work better in your email program.)


6) Look at marketing channels and tactics as working together, not on their own. (Webtrends)
Understanding how each tactic factors into the overall mix and purchase lifecycle will help to create the perfect balance, maximizing results and optimizing marketing spend. (View Silverpop’s Web analytics with Webtrends demo.)


7) Use Programs for more than just lead generation or abandoned carts. (Whereoware)
Some marketers only think about using behavior-driven emails and if-then messaging tracks in certain scenarios. But these tactics can be used effectively for everything from customer service to upselling. (Read Whereoware’s Silverpop blog on marketing automation, then check out their tips for pulling off an abandoned cart campaign.


For more on how Silverpop’s partners extend the value of our Engage platform, visit our partners page.

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