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Marketing and Sales Alignment

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
13 March 2007

Vtrenz is busy getting ready for a huge webinar event with the AMA (American MarketingAssociation). The American MarketingAssociation is one of the largest professional associations for marketers, has 38,000 members worldwide in every area of marketing. For over six decades the AMA has been the leading source for information, knowledge sharing and development in the marketing profession.  To learn about the benefits of joining the AMA, click here. 

The topic of discussion during the Vtrenz and AMA webinar on March 27, 2007 at Noon CT, is the hot topic of ‘Marketing and Sales Alignment’. In today’s competitive environment, the struggle to attract and retain customers is undeniable. As a result, marketers are expected to take on more accountability throughout the buying cycle so that sales professionals can focus on the best opportunities in order to close sales. By integrating marketing strategy with sales execution and deploying the right tools and techniques, marketers can ensure that sales and marketing share a common understanding of the lead-to-sales process, helping build a more productive, rather than contentious, relationship between each organization. Sign up for the Vtrenz and AMA webinar here: 

Vtrenz was also excited to see the new Marketing and Sales Alignment (MSA) Forum launched through the AMA, not so long ago.  This portal is an online community for sharing best practices related to marketing and sales effectiveness.  It provides the latest MSA Forum information, MSA news, content presented during MSA Forum events, and contact information for the American Marketing Association MSA team.  Follow this link to read more about this new and exciting forum through the AMA:




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