Silverpop - Guest Q&A: Opt-Intelligence on Using Ads for Email List Growth and Increasing Facebook “Likes”
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Guest Q&A: Opt-Intelligence on Using Ads for Email List Growth and Increasing Facebook “Likes”

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
30 August 2012

This month, I’m excited to have Linda Balducci, account manager for Opt-Intelligence, featured on our “Partner of the Month” blog. Opt-Intelligence provides opt-in advertising solutions for companies of all sizes. The service enables advertisers to generate new email subscribers, Facebook “Likes,” Twitter “Followers,” and many other one-to-one relationships. We asked Linda and her team a few questions about list growth advertising, and they had some great insights to share:

1) What are some common mistakes marketers make when trying to grow their email lists via opt-in advertising?

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You should know where your list growth ad campaign is running at all times. This will enable you to take advantage of many different sources. Most advertisers make the mistake of treating all sources equally. However, quality can vary dramatically from one source to another. That doesn’t necessarily mean that subscribers from lower-quality sources are useless, but it does mean you shouldn’t pay as much for them. This attention to source quality will enable you to maximize your budget and have the most success. A final rule of thumb is that if your ad campaign is being used in conjunction with an incentive (e.g., select this offer and we’ll give you stuff!), those subscribers are basically worthless.

2) What are some list growth advertising best practices you recommend marketers follow?

We like to follow our 5T’s when it comes to best practices:

  1. Transparency: As we said previously, know exactly where your campaign is running at all times. This really can’t be overstated because enough “bad apples” will inevitably sink your campaign
  2. Target: Define your audience carefully – if your business is local, make sure you reach only those potential subscribers in the relevant ZIP codes. Decide if you want both males and females and what age range is most likely to be your customer.
  3. Tailor: Know who you’re talking to and tailor every aspect of the offer to that audience. For example, you may want to display a different version of your offer to males versus females or people in their 20s versus 30s. Be clear and concise in your messaging. If you’re honest and straightforward in your copy, you’re more likely to reach subscribers who will take your product/service seriously.
  4. Test: It’s important to start off any new list growth campaign or source slowly. Limit (cap) the number of subscribers you’ll accept per day and for the entire campaign. This cap on your campaign in the first phase of running will give you the time to evaluate your results. You’ll most likely need to tweak/refine your campaign before your ROI is where you want it to be. Understanding this “lifecycle” of your subscribers will help you determine what works and what doesn’t.
  5. Track: Never stop measuring the ROI of all your campaigns. Stuff happens, and a source that has been excellent for months or years can suddenly stop working for you. It’s difficult to manage this subscriber process effectively without an email service provider (ESP), and unless you have a tremendous amount of technical resources and time, it’s not recommended.

3) What’s your advice for companies looking to increase the quantity of Facebook “likes” and Twitter followers through advertising while maintaining a high degree of quality?

Similar to handpicking the sites you wish to run co-registration email opt-in ads on, advertisers can choose where to display their Facebook “like” ad campaigns. Running a specific campaign to reach a specific Facebook user will not only increase your fan base but also reach subscribers within your target demographic.  For instance, Facebook and Twitter likes/ subscription offers can be targeted to specific demographics/geography and displayed along the sign-up paths of any site within our network. Facebook “connects” can also be displayed so that users can log in or sign up for an account / service without having to leave the site they’re on.

Opt-Intelligence is on the cutting edge of how opt-in advertising and lead generation are done on the Internet. It’s well known that they provide the highest levels of integrity, service and results in the industry. For more information, visit

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