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Lead Management Scores Again

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
04 August 2008

I recently re-read BtoB Magazine's first-ever Lead Generation Guide and it reminded me how important lead management is in the world of BtoB marketing. All the factors of a "perfect storm" are gathering to elevate this industry to the level of SFA or, dare I say, CRM. Marketers from all industries and company sizes are seeing real business benefits by leveraging lead management and lead generation as a key capability.

In fact, from the articles and research by various analyst groups, they continue to find leading companies that make lead management a strategic imperative. Aberdeen Research saw a stark difference in Best in Class organizations and their use of lead management in their marketing efforts versus companies that do not employ such methods.

As well, in a survey by IDC of chief marketing officers, respondents rated lead management more important than their brand awareness, online and interactive efforts and their customer knowledge activities.

What does this all mean? Well, to the typical BtoB marketer, it means that the impact you can have on your organization is no longer confined to just the number of leads you create-your impact to company success is now being discussed in the board room in terms of revenue generated, margins obtained, and satisfied customer relationships.

Lead Management scores again, and the crowds go wild.




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