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Lead Management Is...Here

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
11 February 2009

According to a new study by the DemandGen Report, B2B marketing budgets are shifting to lead generation and lead management solutions in 2009. This is good news, but it isn't exactly new news to me, if that makes sense.

As I now reside in the beautiful, if not somewhat snowy city of London, it's sometimes easy to forget about the critical ills of the U.S. economic downturn. But that all comes to a reflective and introspective pause when I read about company lay-offs, more home foreclosures and the research of financial analysts who predict 2009 will be worse than 2008. Recessionary times require recession-proof marketing approaches. Change is inevitable, and B2B marketers and sales professionals must change with the times.

The days of B2B marketers and sales teams shooting from the hip or using their force-of-will and hard work to close a deal are not over, and I'm not trying to end them. If it works, it works. The point I'm making is sophisticated lead management solutions offer a quantifiable strategy that can be presented to C-suite executives. Today, B2B marketers who don't seek low maintenance, cost effective lead management solutions complete with the proper data and analytics to add measurable value to their business objectives, are missing the mark and are more than likely suffering from rapidly deflating budgets.

As expressed by Craig Rosenberg, vice president, products and services, Tippit Inc., and a lead management industry heavyweight, in a recent blog post: "The economic crisis will be the compelling event that drives lead management and marketing automation from a 'nice idea' to reality. Avoiding waste, generating ROI and being as efficient as humanly possible are the most important themes of 2009 - all themes marketing has been traditionally bad at."

For the remainder of 2009, my goal is to spread the word about the value of lead management. Lead management has redefined the way B2B marketers engage with their customers and prospects, and its time has come to move from the marketing conference rooms to the board room.




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