Silverpop - Landing Page Testing: A No-Brainer Just Got Easier
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Landing Page Testing: A No-Brainer Just Got Easier

by: Scott Voigt (@Silverpop)
15 January 2009

Last week, we began rolling out the newest version of our Landing Pages application. Not only did we add three new social networks to our Share-to-Social capabilities&mdash:Bebo, Delicious and Reddit (that makes eight and counting)—we also added built-in A/B page testing.

What makes the new A/B test feature uniquely powerful is that our clients can now test variations of landing pages—all within the application, unlike other products that require the use of an external Web-site optimizer. (Which, by the way, will integrate nicely, should you want to use one.)

We all know that marketers need to test in order to deploy the best performers, increase conversions and drive sales. According to MarketingSherpa's 2008 "Landing Page Handbook," marketers who didn't test landing pages were equally likely to see year-over-year conversion rates increase or decrease. Yet, marketers who ran even the simplest tests were at least five times more likely to see year-over-year conversion rates increase rather than decrease.

So, if we know we should do it, then why don't we? Too complicated? Well, not anymore. This new feature was designed to be über usable. Click, click, and you're optimized.




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