Silverpop - 5 Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing
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5 Keys to Successful Lead Nurturing

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by: Jeff Ogden (@)
17 April 2012

(This is the third in a series of guest posts for Silverpop written by Jeff Ogden, president of B2B lead generation company Find New Customers.)

As many as nine out of 10 visitors to your website aren’t ready to buy. But about eight out of 10 of them will buy eventually. So how do you convert today’s visitors into tomorrow’s buyers? The answer: lead nurturing.

[caption id="attachment_3888" align="alignright" width="300" caption="Nuturing leads will help you convert the 80 percent of visitors to your site who aren't ready to make a purchase today--but who will buy at some point."][/caption]

Silverpop offers wonderful lead-nurturing capabilities, but software alone does not do lead nurturing. It merely automates the labor-insensitive delivery process. It’s up to people to create the content and processes needed. But what are the key concepts to keep in mind when crafting lead nurturing programs?

1) Start with a deep understanding of prospective customers.
Too many times companies send out product information that fails to answer buyer questions. Instead, learn what buyers truly care about by conducting buyer interviews.

2) Tell a story.
Human nature is to be programmed to respond to stories. So tell a good story and tie every step together so that it flows from one to the next. I suggest that if you lack the skills to craft stories in-house, you look to outside firms.

3) Make it really valuable—to them and not you.
Your goal is to earn your prospects’ trust, and to do that you need to share really valuable content. But value lies in the eyes of the beholder. You need to take the understandings you developed earlier and use them to craft highly valuable content.

4) Include calls to action.
One of the most important jobs of content is to move the prospective buyer though the buying process. So, you want the recipient to act on what you sent them. Offer a clear call to action—something compelling you want the person to engage with.

5) Be patient.
One of the most common mistakes I see is companies trying to move too fast. One software firm called everyone who signed up for a Webinar to give them a product pitch. Watch prospects’ digital body language (for instance, what pages of your website they’re visiting can tell a lot). Make sure you deliver the right message in the right media to the right person at the right time. That takes patience.

Note: I’m presenting this information in a Webinar on April 19 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET, sponsored by Register here.

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