Silverpop - Keeping Up With the Trends - Email Marketing Edition
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Keeping Up With the Trends - Email Marketing Edition

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by: Lauren Schuler (@IBMforMarketing)
27 January 2010

I recently joined Silverpop’s field marketing team and am focused on consumer marketing and email marketing best practices

If there’s one thing we as marketers we can all agree on, it’s that email marketing is a fast-paced industry where a new trend seems to emerge every time you turnaround. Therefore, I’ll be updating a regular post listing the trends I’m seeing in the marketplace. Without further adieu…


Video in email: The next great frontier?

Video in email is quickly becoming the next big idea in email marketing for 2010. Stepping out into this freshly carved out territory, last week we saw WhatCounts announced it will license and host software from Eyejot that converts popular video formats so they can be used in enterprise-class video email projects anticipated to be conducted by WhatCounts customers. Also on this front, Goodmail teamed up with Liveclicker and announced a “joint partnership to extend video email marketing to more consumers by adding Liveclicker’s video technology atop the Goodmail CertifiedEmail platform.” Silverpop will be hosting a Webinar with LiveClicker on Best Practices for Incorporating Video into Email on January 28. If you’re interested in attending, click here.


Acquisitions in the News

It would seem that some companies’ New Year’s resolution lists started with “Acquire that company we’ve been looking at for the last six months.” Acquisition announcements seemed to dominate my Google Alerts. To start things off, we have Harland Clarke, which announced it has acquired Protocol Integrated Marketing Services, the full-service direct marketing division of Protocol Global Solutions, as well as SubscriberMail, an email service provider and technology firm. As well as, Unica Corporation adding email deliverability management with the acquisition of Pivotal Veracity. It will certainly be in interesting year if this trend continues.


The year of the segmented emails?

There have been a few posts I have come across, which address best practices for segmenting email campaigns. In a time where consumers have the power to choose the messaging they want to hear, this is one of the smarter tactics an email marketer can implement. Why, you ask…well, according to the Email Experience Council, there are four benefits to segmenting:

  1. Reduces inbox clutter
  2. Increases relevancy
  3. Earns trust
  4. Gain credibility

What are the trends you’re seeing in the marketplace?




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