Silverpop - Guest Blog: Janrain on How Social Login Drives Customer Insight and Engagement
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Guest Blog: Janrain on How Social Login Drives Customer Insight and Engagement

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by: Heather Simerly (@IBMforMarketing)
28 September 2012

Website conversion is something marketers are constantly thinking about, and so this month we’re pleased to have Bill Piwonka (@bpiwonka), vice president of marketing for Silverpop partner Janrain, expanding on social login and how it can help drive engagement improve the consumer experience.

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“Hello, I love you; won’t you tell me your name?”

The title words, when sung by Jim Morrison and The Doors, are the start to a pretty good song — at least in my opinion.  But I think they also do a good job of summarizing a lot of online marketing today.

All of us who have some responsibility for the performance of our website have similar goals, regardless of industry or market segment. We’re trying to:

  • Increase traffic to our site
  • Convert anonymous visitors to known, registered users
  • Learn as much as we can about each visitor/user, so we can…
  • Create more relevant, compelling offers, promotions, content and experiences, in order to …
  • Achieve our ultimate business objectives, most often being increased revenue

Until our visitor “tells us her name,” however, we’re left with limited information on who she is. The way most marketers try to get around these limitations is through the traditional registration form — you know, the thing that causes 86 percent of U.S. consumers (according to research commissioned by Janrain) to admit to leaving your site when they encounter it. And when they don’t leave for a different site, are highly likely to input false information (88 percent admit to having done so!).

There’s a way to overcome these problems: social login. This gives site visitors the ability to use an existing identity from a provider such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Paypal, LinkedIn, etc., to access your site. Research has shown 77 percent of consumers prefer having this option, and companies offering it have seen conversion rates increase as much as 50 percent.

But social login brings other benefits as well. When a consumer chooses to use a social identity on your site, you have the ability to ask for permission to access his or her social profile, and collect rich demographic and psychographic data.

This data can include information such as:

  • Verified email
  • Birthdate
  • Marital status
  • Location
  • Interests
  • Past working history
  • Social graph (friends, family, colleagues, followers, etc.)

Once collected, this data can be utilized in other applications, such as your email marketing or marketing automation service, to create highly personalized and relevant offers, promotions and experiences for your consumers.

Furthermore, research has shown consumers are willing to share personal information if they know how it’s being used and results in more relevant content. Altogether this then creates a virtuous circle — social login drives higher conversion of anonymous to known, registered users. Once on your site, you learn more about these users and use this insight to provide a more compelling experience, which not only helps you drive higher revenue, but also results in the content or site being shared with friends, colleagues, family, etc., driving increased, qualified traffic back to your site where the circle starts anew.

So follow the lead of Jim Morrison, and take advantage of social login to “ask for her name.”

Janrain helps organizations succeed on the social Web with its user management platform — a suite of products to improve user acquisition and build engagement. To learn more, visit

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