Silverpop - Is Your Email Campaign Like a Drawer Full of Socks?
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Is Your Email Campaign Like a Drawer Full of Socks?

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by: Lauren Schuler (@IBMforMarketing)
01 February 2010

I recognize it’s a fairly trivial comparison, but if you think about it, there are many similarities between socks and emails.

For starters, socks are always getting lost. It seems like every time you turn around, another sock has decided to go AWOL on you. The same can be true for emails. Consumers are bombarded with emails, and in order for your email to get plucked from the crowd, it needs to stand out. Grab your consumer with a stellar subject line, or highlight content relevant to their interests – if you have the data, use it.

Also, when’s the last time you’ve seen someone’s socks and thought, “Omigod, where did you get those?!” Socks don’t get nearly the same amount of attention that their highly coveted counterpart, shoes receive. It’s because socks are not sexy. What about your email campaign? Is it interesting enough to grab your audience’s attention and have them begging for more? Well, maybe not begging, but at least move them to action. It’s a great success when an email engages its recipient to the point of action, and the ones that do this have something in common. They have a simple and clear message that’s relevant to the consumer and a call to action that stands out and is easily attainable.

Finally, what happens when you’ve been running around in your favorite tennis shoes for far too long?  Your socks start to stink, and you need to change ‘em up. This may be the case with your email program. If you gather the courage to take a step back and take a big whiff of your email program, you may find that, like your socks, your emails stink. It’s time to freshen up. Is the layout and design engaging, or is there more valuable content you can be providing your audiences? Look for ways to refresh and rejuvenate your emails, and you and your audience will be breathing easier in no time.


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