Silverpop - The iPad Mini Is Here! What Are The Implications for Marketers?
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The iPad Mini Is Here! What Are The Implications for Marketers?

by: Dave Walters (@_DaveWalters)
26 October 2012

Tuesday’s introduction of the iPad Mini has been described as evidence of Apple's determination to maintain its dominant position in the tablet space. Based on the chatter following the announcement, it seems it's likely to succeed.

And, while the general takeaway for marketers who are already paying attention to multiplatform communication is “don’t sweat it,” the iPad Mini announcement does have a few key implications for marketers:

  • Design: The iPad Mini has 35 percent more display area than competing tablets and 67 percent more viewing area when browsing the Web via Safari. Given the content consumption that will be taking place on the Mini’s 7+ inch screen, graphics quality and message design will continue to be a focus area for smart marketers. For instance, the iPad Mini will likely continue to skew opens away from desktops, making mobile-aware design even more important.
  • Price and precedent: Even before the iPad mini announcement, the iPad had sold an astonishing 100 million units and defined the category, in spite of the $500 opening price.  A price drop to as low as $329 will get the Mini in the hands of millions more.  Marketers may want to consider campaigns that are informed by this unmatched market penetration.
  • App potential: As if you needed another reason to build a mobile app, anticipated penetration for the iPad Mini only enhances the marketing potential of an app created to support business.  Mobile marketing budgets are expected to grow 38 percent during the next five years, and a big slice of that pie is tied to greater emphasis on apps.
  • Screen Resolution: The screen resolution is exactly the same as the iPad 2, so, assuming that's already built into a given campaign, there’s no need to make changes.

Apple's announcement also included some additional surprises, such as the iPad 4 and 13-inch MacBook Pro now offering Retina display.  Marketers should be sure to review current designs in a Retina display environment to ensure they’re up to par, especially because the current generations of these are the most widely used Apple devices.

So, what else are you taking into consideration based on these new announcements?

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