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Using Internet TV to Engage Customers and Prospects

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by: Jeff Ogden (@)
20 September 2012

This is the ninth in a series of guest posts for Silverpop written by Jeff Ogden, president of B2B lead generation company Find New Customers.

There’s something new, exciting and remarkable going on in B2B marketing today, but it’s still a well-kept secret. But now, I share it with you:

The future is not plastics – it’s Internet TV!

Every business needs to connect with industry experts and thought leaders. If you sell to top marketing executives, you need to connect with men and women respected by those executives. Maybe you can invite one to be a guest on a Webinar or to co-write an eBook, like Maribeth Ross, VP of Marketing at Netprospex, did with Adele Revella of the Buyer Persona Institute.

But now, there’s a new and exciting way to do this — Internet television. What if you could talk to those thought leaders each and every week – 52 of them per year?

Frankly, now is an ideal time to create an online TV show, for several reasons:

  • The equipment for recording a high-quality show costs very little — well under $400.
  • The bandwidth for video is readily available.
  • The software tools for recording shows, such as Skype, Google Hangouts and Watchitoo, are mature and inexpensive.
  • Virtually everyone would love to appear on TV.

How Can You Create a TV Show in Your Company?
I’d love to say it’s easy, and buying the equipment certainly is. However, how do you attract the right guests and get your show syndicated? And how in the world do you find the right host for your show?

Here are six key steps to setting up your own show:

  1. Figure out what you wish to accomplish — your goals.
  2. Find a good show host — intelligent, articulate and comfortable on camera.
  3. Look for the best platform, such as Skype, Google Hangouts or Watchitoo.
  4. Procure the equipment – high-definition webcam, good microphone and high-speed connection.
  5. Secure someone to edit and publish the finished shows.
  6. Invite guests, record, edit and publish your videos.

As you dig into video, other little questions will pop up (How do you optimize show quality? How do you get people to watch your show on YouTube?), but these six items will get you started. (For more, check out my article “How Can a B2B Software Company Benefit from an Online TV Show?”)

Case Study: The Story of Marketing Made Simple TV
Marketing Made Simple TV
is a weekly show I created in which I interview top experts in B2B marketing, content marketing, blogging, social media and related marketing and sales topics. Because the show’s highly syndicated, as many as 500,000 people are exposed to it each week.

Sample guests have include Ted Rubin, the most followed CMO on Twitter; Sanda Zorrati, voted Marketer of the Year by the Business Marketing Association (BMA); and Beth Comstock, Chief Marketing Officer of GE.  We also hosted a terrific content marketing roundtable discussion with three of the best – Jim Burns of Avitage, Doug Kessler of Velocity Partners UK, and Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute.

The show is also ideal for capturing interested viewers – see the example below of a sample call to action and description that could appear as a button throughout the show.

So, what do you think? Is Internet TV a new idea for you or is it something you’ve been considering?

Jeff Ogden is the host of Marketing Made Simple TV. Send your video-related questions to Jeff at host@

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