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Take a Progressive Approach to Increasing Email Frequency

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by: Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald)
26 April 2012

Remember when email expert Dela Quist told marketers in this earlier blog post that they should find value-driven ways to increase their email sending frequency?

One way you can increase frequency strategically—that is, not just sending another broadcast campaign—is by creating automated messages that either remind subscribers to take an action or build engagement and drive more revenue through a coordinated series of messages.

These can be everything from a simple reminder about a great promotion or a membership deal that's about to expire to an onboarding program for new customers. Below are four possible constructions, ranging from the simplest method to the most complex—but potentially the most rewarding:

1. Resend the original message. This is the easiest way to remind subscribers about an expiring offer or subscription. It also will probably deliver the lowest return and has the most potential to annoy recipients.

2. Send a modified version of the original. Here, the offer is the same, but you modify the subject line, perhaps to add a deadline, and add a reminder in the copy or images.

3. Create a scheduled email series. This is a group of email messages designed to drive one or more actions or improve engagement. Each succeeding email builds on the previous one with a different but related message.

4. Create behavior-based email tracks. Here, you create a sophisticated set of business rules that apportion customers into different tracks based on their actions or lack of action.

Each of these approaches assumes that it takes more than one email message to move your customers into acting. I know I need an extra nudge or two when my wife wants me to clean the bathroom, just as someone who abandoned a shopping cart before checkout might need an email—or two, or three—before he or she comes back to finish the process.

I provide more details about each of these email methods in my recent Email Insider column, "When One Email Isn't Enough.” Please check it out, and let me know if you have any questions or if I left out an email series that has worked well for your company. I look forward to your comments.

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