Silverpop - Holiday Quick Tip: Use Offline Sources to Grow Opt-ins
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Holiday Quick Tip: Use Offline Sources to Grow Opt-ins

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by: Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald)
13 October 2011

Pop-in Example

Offline, point-of-sale (POS) and in-store tactics can get your holiday shoppers to opt in to your email program just as online sources can. Today’s technology gives you many options:

  • Add QR codes to print materials (bags and bag stuffers, print ads, catalogs, store signs and other point-of-sale promotions) that link to a simple online registration page.
  • Promote SMS to email opt-ins on POS signs, ads throughout the store or in mall locations or transaction receipts.
  • Offer to email receipts to store customers, and include an opt-in offer in the message.
  • Install in-store POS tablets or kiosks to allow shoppers to add their names and email addresses to your database.
  • Train call-center reps to capture permission for email promotions.
  • Post signs encouraging shoppers to join your loyalty program using Foursquare or Facebook. Members receive rewards for check-ins and coupons via email.
  • Use check-in sweepstakes programs to increase store visits and gain opt-ins.
  • If you haven’t gone digital yet, start with simple opt-in cards at POS.

Keep the following two tips in mind as you move to attract more shoppers to your email program:

1. Consider a makeover or mobile version for your email registration page. A streamlined or mobile-friendly page will increase opt-ins from on-the-go smartphone users.

2. In many cases, a key element to success of your offline-to-email promotion is your salesperson, cashier or call-center employee. Train your employees on the benefits of joining the email program, details of your check-in and other promotions, and how to address frequently asked questions.

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