Silverpop - Holiday Marketing Quick Tip: Leverage Facebook to Grow Your Email Database
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Holiday Marketing Quick Tip: Leverage Facebook to Grow Your Email Database

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by: Loren McDonald (@LorenMcDonald)
30 September 2011

Although most social networks give you some visibility to promote your email program, such as a home or profile pages, Facebook offers the richest experience right now, not just to collect opt-ins but also to engage more deeply with customers and to promote email content.

These tips will help you grow your database using Facebook's unique properties:

1. Create an "Email" tab: Create a unique tab on your company or brand's Facebook page, and make it the landing page for every visitor who hasn’t clicked "Like" on your page. Give the tab a distinct name such as "Newsletters" or "Email Offers" to distinguish it from your "Wall," "Info," "Discussions" and other tabs on your page.

2. Explain your email value proposition: Describe the contents of your core email program and reinforce specific value propositions. These might include being notified of special sales before non-subscribers or invitations to events. Also, make clear what your typical email frequency is.

3. Show samples. Use screenshots of recent email newsletters or other examples to show potential subscribers what they can expect from your emails.

4. Promote other programs: If you have other email streams beyond your core email, make those easy to opt in to as well with short but obvious descriptions and check boxes.

5. Post email content in wall posts: Highlight your email content in wall posts on the same day you send it to your regular subscribers. Note that these are the kinds of offers your email subscribers receive regularly. Use an inline link to your opt-in tab so that readers don't have to click out of Facebook to sign up.

Want to see how email opt-in via Facebook can work for you? View Silverpop's Newsletter tab on our Facebook page.

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