Silverpop - Goodmail, Yahoo and How to Keep Your Deliverability High
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Goodmail, Yahoo and How to Keep Your Deliverability High

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by: Chris Arrendale (@IBMforMarketing)
15 February 2010

Goodmail, a CertifiedEmail provider, recently announced that Yahoo will be reducing privileges granted to CertifiedEmail messages. How will this impact companies using Goodmail? It means that Goodmail can no longer assure inbox delivery to Yahoo since emails will now be subject to Yahoo filtering policies. It also means that images and links won’t be enabled for every email that’s sent into the Yahoo network.

This change will affect the entire Yahoo family of domains, including international ones. We hope that negotiations between Yahoo and Goodmail continue so that email marketers will be able to confidently resume using Goodmail CertifiedEmail to send to Yahoo.

If you’re a current Goodmail client, it’s important to pay attention to your reporting and monitor your Yahoo deliverability metrics. And it’s always a good idea to follow deliverability best practices even if you’re a Goodmail client.

Yahoo has stated that it’s focusing more attention on “engagement metrics,” which means it wants to see that your customers have opened and clicked on your emails. So, make sure you’re actively sending relevant, targeted messages to your recent openers and clickers to keep your “engagement metrics” up. And remember to adhere to these additional best practices:

  • Draft messages with a 30:70 text-to-image ratio
  • Monitor abuse complaints for each mailing and aim to keep the complaint rate below 0.3 percent
  • Keep bounces low (below 10 percent) by being vigilant about verifying email addresses before adding them to your database and doing list hygiene to remove undeliverable addresses
  • Explain to customers upfront what they can expect from your communications in terms of frequency and content
  • Add an unsubscribe link and an “add to address book” statement at the top of each mailing

Despite the recent Yahoo development, Goodmail continues to grow, announcing that its CertifiedEmail will be expanding to and in the upcoming weeks and possibly other larger ISPs in the near future. But regardless of how these developments play out, you can keep your deliverability rates high by following the tips listed above.


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