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Georgia's New Spam Law

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
13 June 2005

You may have heard that Georgia has introduced its own anti-spam law. I took a look, and was glad to see it's not terribly onerous. Like most email laws, a motivated extremist could take the time and money to apply the law in ways that might impact legitimate email marketers. However, generally speaking, the law is pretty straightforward: Don't lie in your subject or headers when sending messages to people in Georgia.

One of the somewhat unique aspects of the law is its focus on opt-in honesty. The law makes it illegal to state that recipients have opted-in when they have not. Personally, I think this is great. A lot of "gray" spam (the stuff that falls between legitimate opt-in messages and Viagra/mortgage/2-week-Ph.D. offers) states I am receiving the message because I requested it. The trouble is, some of those messages come to email addresses I have never given out--and certainly never used to make a request or opt-in to email. Taking a bite out of this annoying tactic would be a small but positive step in the war on spam.




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