Silverpop - Facebook for B2B – Generating “Likes” and Leads on the World’s Largest Social Network
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Facebook for B2B – Generating “Likes” and Leads on the World’s Largest Social Network

by: Bryan Brown (@getvision)
25 June 2012

There are more than 900 million monthly active users “liking,” posting and interacting on Facebook regularly. As marketers, you want your brand to stand out in between a friend’s latest vacation photos and an exciting status update without being intrusive. So, how do you manage this while also contributing to the bottom line of your business?

Getting Personal

Just like with any relationship, you want to ease into it and not ask for an excessive amount of information up front. B2B marketers often ask me, “What can my business do on Facebook?” My answer is simple: Provide compelling content and offers that generate leads and customer engagement.

As a B2B marketer, your ultimate goal is to collect as much information about your customers and prospects as possible, but in the instance of Facebook, you can’t forget the conversational tone and context. Ask questions that will incite conversation, share fun nuggets of information that your followers will appreciate and even show a little love on holidays like Valentine’s Day. Remember to keep your brand as human and personal as possible – these types of posts are the perfect way to do that.

Once you’ve established a purpose for your page it’s a good idea to start incorporating lead generation strategies. Start with posts linking to upcoming webinars, events or new content. This keeps your fans up to speed on your brand and the type of content you produce.

Bringing in Leads

In the new Facebook Timeline, it’s easy to highlight content in the new tabs on the top of the page. Tabs are fully customizable, so they are a great place to drive page visitors to download content or sign up for a newsletter.

Each tab comes with its own unique link, allowing marketers to set up Facebook ads and driving traffic directly to these forms. The added bonus here? The ads can also drive visitors to “like” your page.

To add the form to your page, you can use a tool like Social Pull or, if you’re a Silverpop customer, you’re able to place Engage landing pages and forms directly on your company’s Facebook page.

The tab images are completely customizable (111 x 74 pixels). On the images, include a clear call-to-action so a page visitor knows what they’re clicking on.

To customize the image and arrange the tabs, click on the drop-down arrow to the right of the tabs. Then, when you hover over any tab, a button appears. From here, you’re able to move and edit the tab.

If you click “Edit Settings,” you are able to change the image and customize the name of the tab. The process is simple enough that you’re able to change out content as often as you wish.

Building Loyalty

It’s sometimes easy to slip into solely focusing on lead generation on social, but don’t forget to build loyalty among your existing customers and partner network. Promote customer-focused events and occasionally give partners special shout-outs.

Other ideas include linking to media coverage about clients and partners on your page and including relevant photo albums in customer newsletters. Your existing customers and partners are your biggest champions, so by giving them a little love, they might be even more likely to recommend your company to a peer.

The key thing to remember as a B2B marketer in your Facebook strategy is that it can’t be all registration forms, all the time. Be as human as possible – it will keep your fans coming back for more!

For more marketing insights and tips, connect with Bryan Brown on Google+.

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