Silverpop - 4 Ways a Custom Form Builder Can Help You Realize Your Facebook Marketing Goals
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4 Ways a Custom Form Builder Can Help You Realize Your Facebook Marketing Goals

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by: Adam Steinberg (@adams472)
18 July 2012

Are you using Facebook to increase your fan base, enhance lead generation, bolster your email program and/or boost customer and prospect engagement? If not, you’re missing out on some golden opportunities to tap into Facebook’s 900-million-and-counting user base to achieve your marketing objectives.

One of the keys to realizing your Facebook marketing goals is utilizing a custom form builder, such as Silverpop’s Social Pull, that makes it easy for you to create custom tabs on Facebook, collect information from customers and prospects, and get more “likes” on your Facebook Page.

Here are four ways you can use a custom Facebook form builder to enhance your marketing initiatives:

1) Collect email newsletter opt-ins. Your customers and fans are visiting your Facebook page, but are you giving them an easy way to stay in touch with you? Why not let your customers sign up for your email club while visiting your Facebook page? A Facebook form builder makes it easy for customers to sign up for your email channel, where you’ll be able to deliver highly relevant, personalized content. (Get more tips on using social to drive opt-ins.)

2) Get more leads. Many B2B marketers are wondering how they can use Facebook to drive new leads. Why not offer a registration form that lets your Facebook visitors sign up and access a special white paper, video or case study? With a robust custom form builder like Social Pull, it’s easy to set up your forms and landing pages. (Get more tips for using Facebook to drive leads.)

3) Increase your Facebook “likes” with coupons. Need to increase the number of “likes” your brand has on Facebook? If your Facebook form builder has a "Like Gating" feature, you can require visitors to your Facebook page to first "like" your brand. You can then reward these users with a special coupon or offer that only they can access. (Get tips for turning Facebook “likes” into customers.)

4) Boost event registration. Need an easy way to collect sign-ups for your events on Facebook? Use your form builder to create an event sign-up tab on your Facebook page where you can collect information such as name, email address and phone number from attendees when they register. (Get more tips on driving event attendance.)

Ready to get started? To help marketers realize their Facebook marketing goals, Silverpop has created Social Pull, a free form builder for Facebook. Head over to Social Pull's registration page to create your free account.

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