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European spam levels update

by: Riaz Kanani (@IBMforMarketing)
27 May 2009

SPAMSymantec (now owner of MessageLabs) has released their latest report showing that spam levels have actually fallen in the UK to 90.3%. Unfortunately for those of us in the United Kingdom, this still makes us the 3rd most spammed country in the world.

Elsewhere in Europe, Germany's spam rate reached 84.8% of all email whilst the Netherlands climbed to 82.4%. Globally spam hit a 20 month high in May, increasing by 5.1% on last month.

May spam statistics

Spam is something that ISPs have to deal with everyday and Silverpop of course works closely with these ISPs to ensure our clients have excellent deliverability rates. Here are 5 simple steps you can follow to further aid your ability to enter the inbox:

1. Don’t send unexpected email. If subscribers opted in to receive your “Tips & Tricks” newsletter, don’t suddenly start sending them your pure product promotion emails, unless they clearly requested them.

2. Choose your sender/from name carefully. Use your most recognisable and expected brand as part of the name.

3. Don’t over-email. Stick to a frequency that you promised during the opt-in process or that is consistent with what most recipients would expect.

4. Avoid overaggressive language and spammy-looking content such as very large fonts, big red letters—anything that looks unprofessional and could be confused with a true spam email.

5. Make it extremely easy to unsubscribe.

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