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Email 2.0

Bill Nussey, Silverpop
by: Bill Nussey (@bnussey)
19 December 2006

I had the honor of participating on a panel about Email 2.0-- the next generation of technologies available to email marketers--at the Email Insider Summit. As many of you who have followed my blog might guess, I spoke about individualized RSS. My co-presenters were Brent Hill from Feedburner, Correy Honza from Quiznos and Sean Meehan from eWayDirect.

Brent and I covered the gamut of RSS opportunities for marketers from advertising via traditional RSS feeds to targeted, measurable communications via IRSS. Despite some good-natured jabs with Brent's boss, Dick Costello, about some of my earlier blog entries on the topic of IRSS vs. RSS, Brent and I agreed that IRSS and RSS are generally complementary and serve somewhat different purposes.

Sean talked about desktop applications as a way of delivering content. These tools allow marketers to deliver email and avoid inbox clutter, spam filters and all the other nasty stuff in our business. Of course, marketers need to get their clients to install the app on their desktops, but companies like Southwest Airlines, with its desktop app, Ding, have already proven that this approach has huge merit.

Correy told the audience about Quiznos' recent and planned efforts in the world of mobile marketing. With Quiznos' early success with mobile video around the ultimate fighting championship (yep, you read that right), it is planning its next moves with more conventional approaches like store locators and coupons.




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