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Ease-of-Use = Sanity

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by: Will Schnabel (@wschnabel)
17 April 2007

I’ve been using several different software applications for various projects I am working on and have discovered a new pet peeve.  I hate applications that are hard to learn and/or operate.  With all the different roles that marketers acquire today, we find ourselves using a wide variety of software applications.  Whether they’re CRM systems, marketing automation tools, analysis tools, and even Microsoft Office programs, I don’t have the time to sit down and go through every tutorial for all of these different applications to learn how to use them.  I’ve found that easy-to-use applications are invaluable to my productivity.  Programs with intuitive user interfaces and plain English operations are very important to me.  Not only do they make me more productive, but they also help increase my ROI and give me time to focus on other projects.  Obviously there are some important key features in each application to learn, but I should be able to start using basic features immediately.  Some applications I’ve worked with take weeks to start implementing basic features due to poor design and execution by the developer.  I am well aware of what functions they are capable of, but making them do those functions is another story.  My Grandfather used to tell me, “A carpenter is only as good as the tools he has.”  He was right!  Remember to consider ease-of-use as a main point in your research for applications that will help your business grow and be more efficient.  The cumulative amount of time you can gain from intuitive applications is immeasurable and will ultimately contribute to the longevity of your sanity.




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