Silverpop - Data Collection is the Starting Point of an Effective Lead Scoring Model (Part II) By Bryan Brown
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Data Collection is the Starting Point of an Effective Lead Scoring Model (Part II) By Bryan Brown

by: Bryan Brown (@getvision)
03 July 2008

Uncontrollable data (non structured): At times marketing will not have control over the way certain data is collected and brought into the marketing database. This is typically the case for tradeshows, list acquisition, and previously collected data. Your challenge then is to find a way to score this manually entered data without being able to exactly match it. The solution depends on the capabilities of your LSM.

Does your lead scoring model support wild card matches?

Yes (congratulations): For each field you plan to score, create a list of phrases that your LSM will search.

No: Try to find the most common occurrences of manually entered data and add them to your LSM. This approach is severely limited and might result in a high amount of score-able data not being identified.

Copied below is a sample lead score model using some of the ideas I've discussed thus far.


Closing points:

  • Use cookies, de dup on submit, or other syncing and authentication methods which will ensure that data is appended to the existing lead's record rather than creating duplicates each time they submit a form (your demand generation software should do this for you)
  • Use progressive scoring tactics by asking additional LSM questions with each interaction of your lead (1st form - 3 questions, 2nd form - next 2 questions, 3rd form - all 8 questions)
  • Pre-populate the questions they have previously answered to increase their confidence in the relationship and save them time
  • Structure data when possible for more accurate scoring

These simple steps will increase the simplicity and accuracy of your lead scoring model allowing marketers to send qualified leads to sales.




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