Silverpop - My Favorite Silverpop Customer Success Stories of 2012
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My Favorite Silverpop Customer Success Stories of 2012

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by: Karen Marchione (@kmarchione)
31 January 2013

2012 was a fantastic year for Silverpop clients, with many immersing themselves in making behavioral marketing automation a reality for their customers. As the director of customer marketing at Silverpop, I interview and chat with a lot of our clients. Here are some of my favorite customer stories from last year!

1) ApexHub – I love this story because it’s about a client that started off with no automation and proceeded to build a hugely successful program in a relatively short amount of time. ApexHub is focused on helping dental practices in the UK drive traffic and repeat business.

I think I speak for the majority of folks that going to the dentist is pretty low on our lists of things to do. However, with some guidance from the Silverpop services team, ApexHub put together more than 40 behavior-driven automated programs that incorporate engaging content, such as preventive and post-maintenance tips, links to YouTube videos and post-treatment review requests, to make going to the dentist a bit more palatable. (Read more about how ApexHub leveraged Silverpop.)

2) IDEA Health & Fitness – The world’s leading organization of fitness and wellness professionals, Idea Health & Fitness uses many advanced Silverpop Engage features – Programs, Relational Tables, Automated Messages, Dynamic Content and more – to provide relevant content to its customers based upon their preferences or behaviors.

IDEA accomplishes this through a focus on segmentation and automation that provides an individualized experience for each of its members. These campaigns have generated fantastic results, with email contributing 50 percent of IDEA’s website revenue every month. (Learn how IDEA Health & Fitness pumped up its marketing sophistication.)

3) RSPCA – I am admittedly a dog lover and a huge fan of rescuing animals. One of the biggest challenges for nonprofits is balancing the need to raise money with not exhausting their list. RSPCA has found this middle ground by capturing relevant profile data via its preference center at sign-up. RSPCA also makes sure to set clear messaging expectations from the onset. When someone signs up for its email program, the action triggers a personalized email from RSPCA that establishes the frequency recipients can expect, provides an opportunity to update preferences, and includes a strong “Take Action” CTA that shows how the recipient can make a difference.

In follow-up communications, RSPCA is focused on targeting supporters based upon positive interactions with previous campaigns. Its Valentine’s Day campaign, which included subject line testing based upon gender, resulted in a 47 percent contribution toward revenue for the month. (See how RSPCA used segmentation and testing to fetch a 780 percent campaign ROI.)

4) Manilla – Similar to the dental example above, dealing with finances can sometimes be daunting. That's where Manilla comes in – it makes keeping your finances organized and paying your bills much easier. However, Manilla recognized that it needed to focus on getting those that signed up for its free service to link their accounts so that they could take full advantage of Manilla’s offering.

With this target audience in mind, Manilla created lifecycle programs designed to encourage users to take the next step. To enhance these efforts, Manilla conducted an A/B test of nearly every aspect of its 50-plus automated email campaigns, including subject lines, message frequency, images, copy and personalization. The result? A 272 percent increase in conversions. (Discover how Manilla’s lifecycle programs drive engagement.)

For more Silverpop customer stories, visit our case studies library and our YouTube channel.

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