Silverpop - Creating Email Content that Doesn’t Induce Vomiting (part 1)
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Creating Email Content that Doesn’t Induce Vomiting (part 1)

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by: Richard Evans (@rlevans)
11 November 2011

We’ve all experienced it. Sadly, we’ve all probably contributed to it at some point in our careers. I’m talking about email content that, while maybe not nausea-inducing, does nothing to promote any positive feelings or connection with the customers we’re communicating with.

As they say, step one to solving a problem is recognising it.

Here’s a quick test to help determine whether you’ve generated potentially nauseating email content:

  • You created a single static email message, paired it with a list of 10,000-plus recipients and hit “Send.”
  • You have numerous data fields for each recipient in your list, and you didn’t use a single one of them to segment or dynamically generate content unique to each recipient.
  • After artfully crafting your email, properly segmenting your list and testing it relentlessly, you directed the call to action to your website’s home page so recipients could wander around aimlessly until they lost consciousness or closed the browser.
  • Following a fantastic website experience and a transaction that generated revenue for your brand, you sent a beautiful [sic] text-only confirmation message that looks like it was written by a robot.

You get the point. And if you’re like me, at some point you’ve created this sort of email experience for your recipients.

In today’s world there’s no excuse for sickening your recipients. And we all know the results of doing so: decreased engagement, lowered conversion, increased opt-outs or complaints.

So, take a moment to think critically about the last email you sent to your database. In part two of this post, we’ll take a look at how data can help humanise your content, and part three will look at some top brands that are creating engaging, personalised email experiences for their customers.

Before we end this post, what are some nausea-inducing emails you’ve seen recently? I’d love to hear them in the comments!


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