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Cool New Company Alert: MessageCast

by: Admin (@)
10 November 2004

I recently had the opportunity to meet with a new company called MessageCast. As you know from the final chapters in my book, I am very bullish on RSS, as well as various alert technologies. MessageCast provides a free service that is a great combination of the two. By signing up for their service and selecting your favorite blogs (including yours truly), they will keep you notified instantly when a new blog entry is posted. Notifications can come in the form of PDA messages, email messages, SMS and Instant Messages (only MSN Messenger was enabled in their BETA when I signed up). You can give this a try by clicking here. Note that the BETA version appears to require a Microsoft .Net Passport account.

As the world of online direct marketing continues to evolve, the concept of "multi-channel marketing" will only become more sophisticated and with even more opportunity for personalization. If companies like Silverpop and MessageCast do their jobs right, consumers will be able to finally achieve the online dream: getting just the information you want, at precisely the best time and over the most convenient channel available.




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