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The Keys to Success with Content Marketing

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by: Jeff Ogden (@)
18 June 2012

This is the sixth in a series of guest posts for Silverpop written by Jeff Ogden, president of B2B lead generation company Find New Customers.

Why do so many B2B marketers fail in content marketing? I believe it boils down to three reasons:

  1. Improper Expectations – This causes many marketers to pull the plug too fast.
  2. Weak Stomach – It takes hard work and patience. Some give up too soon.
  3. Proper Staffing and Spending – Content is an asset, and as such, you invest in assets. That means you need people who understand those assets and are willing to invest the capital to buy the assets.

Content Marketing Costs
The monthly cost of content marketing, including staffing, blogging and premium content and software/hosting, can run several thousand dollars for a small firm, $10,000 to $20,000 for a medium-sized firm, and double or triple that for a large firm. What’s your monthly spending? How do you compare?

Return on Content Marketing
When it comes to content marketing, patience is critical. In many cases, you may see few results in the first six months. But after six months to a year, most companies will see a spike in site visits created by content marketing – and in the second year, a significant uptick.

Conversely, cost per lead related to content marketing will drop very quickly for many companies, with the bulk of the cost in the first three months. By the end of 12 months, cost per lead for most companies will drop near zero. Again, one has to go through some content marketing growing pains to enjoy the benefit of future savings.

Content Marketing: In for the Long Haul
As Joe Pulizzi of the Content Marketing Institute says “Content Marketing is not a campaign. The traditional dynamics of marketing are turned on their head. Instead of buying media, marketers are becoming the media and owning the media. Instead of renting an audience, they are earning an audience. That takes time.”

With the pressure on marketing departments to produce results right here, right now, it can be tough to commit to tactics that may deliver few results in the first six months. But it’s clear that to be successful in content marketing, businesses must do exactly that. They need extraordinary patience. They need the gumption to stick to something over months and months – even years.

So … do you have what it takes to be successful with content marketing?

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