Silverpop - When Doing Content Marketing, Focus Closely on “Hello”
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When Doing Content Marketing, Focus Closely on “Hello”

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by: Jeff Ogden (@)
11 May 2012

This is the fifth in a series of guest posts for Silverpop written by Jeff Ogden, president of B2B lead generation company Find New Customers.

Working with a software company in Connecticut, I’ve been struck by the missing link in its content. After all, the company is creating lead nurturing programs and producing press releases, Webinars and other events. But something is missing, and I think a lot of companies miss this:

Start the relationship with "Hello."

[caption id="attachment_4183" align="alignright" width="300" caption="The single most important thing you send a new prospect is the first thing you send, so spend time focusing on this critical step."][/caption]

In my popular white paper, “How to Find New Customers,” I call the first stage of the buying process “Untroubled/Unaware.” Simply stated, folks in this stage don’t know they have a problem or aren’t aware that better ways exist. These are the folks who say “Not interested” when we call. (Feel free to download that white paper. It’s free.)

How do you talk to someone in the untroubled/unaware stage? I suggest you start with “Hello” and not “Will you marry me?”

“Will you marry me?” is sharing information about your products and services. That’s what our client was doing. Don’t do it.

Think about it. What if a stranger walked up to you, opened his wallet and showed you photos of his wife and kids? Undoubtedly, you’d be turned off. But companies do that very thing every day. Their “kids” are their products and services. (Check out my related post, “The Problem with Kids: How Your Products and Services are Truly Perceived.”)

As I tell clients of Find New Customers, lead nurturing is about sharing valuable content (to the recipient) that takes the prospect from problem to solution in a story-telling format.

The single most important thing you send a new prospect is the first thing you send. That’s what kicks off the relationship. It’s the start of a hopefully robust and mutually beneficial relationship. So spend considerable time and thought focusing on this critical step.

Every great relationship starts with hello.

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