Silverpop - Solving Common B2B Problems, Part 1: Issues with People Registering for a Webinar
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Solving Common B2B Problems, Part 1: Issues with People Registering for a Webinar

by: Bryan Brown (@getvision)
09 December 2011

At the recent MarketingSherpa B2B Summit, I was honored to be named Lead Gen Apprentice for my innovative solutions to three common business problems. In a three-part series, I will elaborate on each problem and my proposed solution. While the dollar amounts and company details may not exactly match your specific scenario, the strategies and tactics outlined here should prove useful for addressing these common challenges.

The business problem: A mid-size technology and consulting firm has a Webinar in two weeks. Registrations are low, and the firm needs at least 100 attendees to make it worthwhile. The company is a distant fourth in market share, and its top-of-mind awareness is low outside of current customers and its email list. Budget: $2,000.


Using PPC ads to promote your webinar will drive traffic—and registrations—to your Webinar. Also, use the company blog to highlight what differentiates your organization from your competitors, being sure to optimize the post so it’s a top search result in Google. For people searching for your competitors, be bold and reference them by name—and even link to their sites. Your goal is to show up in their conversations and conversations you would otherwise miss out on. Draw attention to your differentiation and value and position strengths that your competitors do not.

Finally, implement an aggressive guerilla marketing technique. Stand outside someone else’s event, whether it’s complementary or competitive, and do something to get noticed. Use signage to advertise a compelling related offer to event attendees. Let people opt in or sign up for the Webinar via SMS on their mobile devices as they walk by.


Some people can be turned off by long registration forms, so even if potential Webinar attendees are drawn in through a PPC ad, they might abandon it if your form is too daunting. Implementing a social sign-in option can eliminate this, sometimes driving 10 percent to 50 percent more people to provide their information.


Once an individual is registered, place them in a nurture program. Use tactic #4 to get them to become a social promoter of your event. You can also place registrants in different programs based on their actions and interests. Use automation to facilitate registration confirmation, the day-of reminder and post-event follow-up. Automation can significantly boost attendance and decrease no-show and drop-out rates.


Place social-sharing links in emails. If recipients share the Webinar information on their personal networks, their friends and followers could register as well. It also doesn’t hurt to add a little incentive. Perhaps offer a fun gadget or gift card if recipients share the Webinar information on their own networks. Don’t limit social-sharing links to just emails, however. If you include additional collateral like a white paper or tip sheet in the email, include sharing options within those PDFs as well. Social sharing can dramatically increase visibility, driving event registrations.

What I love most about these tactics is that any marketer can execute them regardless of budget. In fact, lack of budget can be a great instigator of ingenuity. Creative thinking, compelling content and social conversation may be all you need to increase your marketing results. Once you get it right on a small scale, it gets easier to ask for additional budget—CFOs like to invest in things that have been proven to work!

I’d love to hear about the tactics you’ve used to juice Webinar registration—please share them in the Comments section.


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